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Ants high up!

European wood ants are not easy to photograph as they are fast and always busy doing stuff for their colony. I tried to make good photos of these beautiful ants often, but this time I literally focused on them very patiently using a full frame camera and a 180mm macro lens. Photo taken with the […]

Portrait of a Dragon

The Eastern Green Lizard (Lacerta viridis) is a very rare reptile species in Germany. It is one of the largest lizards in Europe and is certainly one of the most beautiful animals to be found in Germany. However, it is not easy to find it and that is a good thing, because it is strictly […]

Great crested grebe in action

Great crested grebes are enchanting-looking water birds and certainly one of the most popular photo opportunities for nature photographers. However, especially during the mating season, these elegant birds can also become extremely uncomfortable with one another. Photos were taken with the Pentax K3 III and the Pentax 150-450 mm F4.5-5.6 in Berlin Spandau.

Mandarin Duck

The mandarin duck is a particularly beautiful duck that originally came from East Asia. Due to its splendor of colors, it was kept as a pet in Europe, but was then also able to spread into the wild. These photos were taken in Berlin Spandau. Despite their familiarity with humans, the animals are more shy […]

Tiger Keelback Snake in China

The tiger snake is a very photogenic snake that occurs in China, Korea and Japan and impresses with its intense colors of green and red. The snake likes to live near lakes and rivers, feed on fish, amphibians and other reptiles that it hunts in or near water. The snake is considered venomous because it […]


A glass of wine in the evening to celebrate a successful day is the best way to make amends for all the efforts that went into achieving those successes.

Chess Computer

Chess computers are a great opportunity for brain teasers and the training of strategic thinking. Chess computers are particularly fun when they display their moves visually with light games and thus interact visually with the human player.