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Starting Comorant

Cormorants are fascinating birds that inhabit various parts of the world. They are known to live near bodies of water and primarily find their food in the water. Their habitat ranges from coastlines and rivers to lakes and ponds. The lifestyle of cormorants is closely tied to their ability to hunt both underwater and in […]

Goshawk Mating

The mating behavior of goshawks (Accipiter gentilis) is a fascinating yet intricate process that involves a series of aerial displays, vocalizations, and mutual bonding rituals making the life of a nature photographer very beautiful! These large, powerful birds of prey are found in Germany, occupying diverse habitats ranging from forests to open woodlands. There are […]

Mallard Feathers

Mallard ducks are boring animals to photographers? I don´t think so. Of course we lose the sense for recognizing the beauty of common animals you can find in every city. You need a closer look and some lost patience to see the beauty again. I really enjoy seeing the colors and structures of these bird […]